bucureşti, march 2008

we visited romanias capitol and the world's second largest building.
lomo l-ca
and probaly some iso 200 film


miskolc, things.

there are discarded viennese trams cruising around in miskolc. they even kept the numbers! lovely.

lomo lc-a


those were the days...

...when we were still young and cute and and up-and-coming talents.
lomo supersampler


ossiacher see, 08/09

lomo l-ca
lomography x-pro slide 200

linz, 2004.

i finally started to scan and archive old analogue pictures (me = data messie).
the ones above i took 2004 in linz with a
lomo colorsplash


happy birthday.

i made this super delicious kitty litter cake for my fellow friend flip.
lomo lca w/ color flash


gerlitzen, people.

gerlitzen, august 09.
lomo lc-a
lomography x-pro slide 200