goodbye #1.

>> spending a few months in amsterdam. someone nice borrowed me her lc-a, so watch out for photos of intoxicated and unemployed grrrls and dgggs hanging around.



be prepared for the fisheye overload:

our christmas feast: vegan duck, red cabbage & dumplings.

yaaay, opening presents!!


animal content, berlin, christmas.

this is lasse, the bff of stressi.

mating dance around the kitchen chair.

lasse likes hanging around.

lomo gallery store berlin (auf den waenden klebt noch das blut meiner haende).

♥ ♥ ♥

i borrowed a fisheye cam from caro.


underwater israel.

red sea, eilat.

dead sea, en gedi.

i took this picuters with a cheap unterwater cam in israel. the guy in the first picture is a stupid moron but he looks funny anyway.